Italian Fencing FederationEstablished in 1909, with its 121 Olympic medals is the most Italian Federation medalist in the history of the Olympic Games, second only at the World Federation of Athletics of the United States.

He has more than 20 thousand members and more than 300 clubs across the country.

From the myths Nedo Nadi and Edoardo Mangiarotti at current Valentina Vezzali, Aldo Montano, Elisa Di Francisca, fencing blue is a mine of medals and pride blue.

But the undisputed world prestige of the Italian fencing also involves other extremely significant figures: the 319 medals won at the World Championships Absolute since 1921, the 217 in the World Youth Championship since 1950, 105 in the Cadet World Championship starting since 1987, the 200 European Championship. Numbers like these that reveal the reality of the Italian fencing has established worldwide and as the Italian school enjoys many awards for its many achievements throughout its history.

Italian athletes at the World Championships in 2014 (pictures Augusto Bizzi)

Women's foil

Men's foil

Women's saber

Men's saber

Women's epee

Men's epee