Confirmation of presence and Accreditation

Final confirmation of participation at individual and team competitions must be done within delivery of
accreditation cards (further only AC); this proceeding replaces any kind of confirmation of presence at the
The AC will be distributed only to head of delegations, upon paid the entry fees and possibly EFC
membership fees. Head of delegation will receive nominative AC of athletes + transferable accreditation
cards according to quota rules, i.e. 50% of participating athletes number without name marked only by NOC
code of the country. Thus no entry of officials and coaches is needed.
Only fencers equipped by AC can proceed to initial weapon control.
Photos of athletes should be either uploaded to EFC web site or to FIE web site for juniors.. If not yet
present in the databases,the photos duly marked by name, country NOC code and competition to take part,
have to be sended to (provider of the system of accreditation) by email:  [email protected]
The accreditation of fencers must be done not later than the day before concerned competition by 12h00

The entries have to be made on EFC web site, where only registered fencers (max. 4 per country for weapon) in
possession of EFC license for season 2014-2015 can be entered. Only federations who have paid the annual
membership fee can register for Championships and can get their accreditation cards.

Entry fees were defined by the organisers as follows:

Individual events: 40 EURO
Team events: 140 EURO
Referees fee: 70 EURO


All informations can be downloaded in: information for delegations